Myanmar Cave Documentation Project


Caving areas and longest caves


Caving areas

The Shan Plateau in the east of Myanmar with an approximately size of 600 km x 400 km has the most extensive karst in the country. It consists of a complex series of mountain chains and plateaus with an altitude ranging from 900 to 1600 m. It is the major exploration area since the first expeditions in 1989. An other karst area is east of Yangon near Hpa-An in Kachin state. Caves are well described from colonial times and the reece in 2009 visited here. Most of the areas are restricted and only accesible with a permit


The main areas in the Shan plateau are:

  • Kalaw, an area west of Inle lake
  • Pinlaung, 40 km south of Kalaw in the same ridge
  • Nyaungshwe, east of the Inle lake
  • Hopon, 25 km east of Taunggyi
  • Ywangan, north of the famous Pindaya caves
  • Lashio towards the Chinese border in the northeast
  • Kayah state, on the southern edge



    Longest caves of Myanmar

    No. Cave Location Length (m) Year of survey
    1 Khauk Khaung (Stone Cave) Ywangan 4,790 2012-14
    2 Phruno River Cave Hpruso 4,600* 2016-17
    3 Red River Cave Bawlakhe 4,086 2015-16
    4 Namun Spring Cave Pinlaung 2,628 2013-14
    5 Kyet Cave Loikaw 2,194 2015
    6 Yae Htwet Kyote Khine Gu (Stone Spring Cave) Ywangan 1,917 2014
    7 Mondowa Gu Taunggyi 1,770 1998
    8 Hopon Spring Cave Hopon 1,655 2011
    9 Na Gar Gu (Dragon Cave) Ywangan 1,654 2014
    10 White water Buffalo and Tiger Cave Hopon 1,343 2010
    11 Phoe Inn Cave Ywangan 1210 2016
    12 Happy Monk Cave Hopon 975 2010
    14 Leikte Gu (active) Kalaw 960 1998
    15 Maung Nyunt Sinkhole Pinlaung 900 2005

    * not final